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How to Save Money And Organize Your Finances: Tales of an Urban Consumer by Me'Shae Brooks-Rolling is an informative, introductory guide to achieving economic stability in personal finances and making the best use of available funds in an urban setting through the establishment of a personal budget.

Analyzing and organizing the common spending patterns for such expenditures as lunch, transportation, shopping, etc., How To Save Money and Organize Your Finances offers readers an expert perspective and an authoritative study on how to effectively save money, establish a liveable personal budget, become financially organized complete with record keeping of expenditures, eliminate and avoiding credit card debt, obtain a personal credit report for free, prevent identity theft, prepare to become a homeowner, redirect money that is unnecessarily spent on the unnecessary for the sake of more meaningful and important things, set up a small business, and so much more.

How To Save Money And Organize Your Finances is very strongly recommended for any city dweller with a minimal or debt-restricted income as a practical, applicable collection of tactics and strategies for developing and maintaining a structured and secure financial basis for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Money/Finance Bookshelf
(July 2006)

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Here is what people are saying about
Come Look With Me:
Discovering African American Art for Children
by James Haywood Rolling, Jr.

You will enjoy this wonderful children's book. The illustrations are large and beautiful. It brings to light, for adults as well as children, the knowledge of some of the great African American artists and their work. Unfortunately, they are almost never spoken of or taught in classrooms today. One illustration called "The Funeral Procession" gained notoriety because of an episode of the Cosby Show in which the character "Clair Huxtable" is supposedly related to the artist, Ellis Wilson. Had it not been for this Cosby episode, many would never have heard of the artist or his body of work. Although this book is especially for children, adults will find themsevles reading it without their children. Parents be fair, let the kids read it too!!!

What a sad state of affairs that any race of people does not know it's own great artist, inventors or great thinkers. There is a lesson to be learned here. In the meantime though I encourage you to share this amazing piece of African American history with your children no matter what your nationality is. The artists therein are not just African American artist but also Americans. PERIOD. This is American artwork at it's finest and most interesting. Mr. Rolling has done an excellent job of introducing our young people to the world of art. Hopefully, this will not be his last effort in the area of children's books. This is a truly enjoyable and inspired work. You'll find it well worth the reading.

          -M. Fields,
           Brooklyn, NY

Here is what people are saying about
Living Sacrifices:
For Those Dying To Rise To A Life Worth Giving
by James Haywood Rolling, Jr.

"Read this book with an open heart and your life will never be the same. The eyes of the Lord are still searching the earth for 'Living Sacrifices' whom He can bless for His glory!"
           -Jim Cymbala, Senior Pastor,
            The Brooklyn Tabernacle

"Living Sacrifices" is dedicated to all those who struggle and sacrifice daily to give the best of themselves to the many they love . . . Life that is worth the giving! The author, James Haywood Rolling, Jr., has written this book as God's call to each of us to live an important life - a life destined for us by God. It follows the general themes of chapter 12 of Romans in the New Testament. Within its twelve chapters, Part 1 of the book views the fullness of God's sacrificial mercy; Part 2 shows God's provision for us; Part 3 reveals the power and authority we have to fight against evil. Our fight is against Satan's power over us. By putting on the armor of God vividly spelled out for us in the Bible and in this book, we can win the war.

The book is well written, easy to understand, and filled with wonderful scripture verses and thought-provoking parables and vignettes taken from the author's own life. He also opens each chapter with his own original poetry which is filled with deep emotion and stark reality. Each chapter ends with a special STOP AND THINK message that can be adapted to the reader's life to help live a life without self-importance, self-reliance, and self-indulgence...Mr. Rolling has a command of the written word and writes in artistically vivid imagery as if he's painting his words upon a canvas. He opens his heart and his life to us and we can see his pain, his recovery, and his revelation. This is not another one of those dry, boring, 10-step, self-help books. This is the blossoming of a life once filled with "self" into one of God's ambassadors ready for a ministry. Mr. Rolling's spiritual gift as an artist is evident in his verbiage and writing style.

I recommend this book to all Christian readers interested in learning how to walk a closer walk with their Lord and Savior and to view their lives with their eyes turned away from themselves and back onto God.

-Susan J. Shelley,
 for Christian Bookshelf

"Living Sacrifices" is a practical, and spiritually lead guide on how to live a successful life.  I highly recommend this book.  It caused me to reflect on the fact that we all have the tendency to be concerned with our own achievement-almost to excess!  This way of living leads to destruction as we distance ourselves from loved ones, family, community and ultimately our Creator.  "Living Sacrifices" suggests that we cooperate, be humble and become unselfish according to basic principles found in the Christian Bible. 

I will be able to share "Living Sacrifices" with my great aunt as well as my teenaged niece because the writing is beautifully direct and straightforward.  The author, James Rolling, weaves personal reflection, poetry and biblical references in this text.  I also thought I would order additional copies for my co-workers as holiday gifts. It is for anyone who wants to achieve their personal best and see a significant change for the better-untimately in the eyes of the Creator.

-Yaalieth Simpson,
 New York, NY

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