Saturday, August 15th at the OnCenter

Dear Community Stakeholder:

Good day. I hope and trust this memo finds you and your loved ones healthy, safe and well in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you may recall, the 2020 Financial Empowerment Summit was postponed in accordance with governmental mandates in the best interest of public health.

Of course, we still don’t know what will happen as time progresses, but if the pandemic has subsided, then I am pleased to inform you that I am joining forces with Eli Smith, CEO of E. Smith Contractors and SGTR with offices located in Syracuse and Washington, D.C. Mr. Smith was already on-track to host a regional 2020 Dream Summit at the OnCenter on Saturday, August 15th.

Eli is an award-winning Contractor/Developer and community philanthropist who successfully produced 2020 Dream Gala Fall 2019. One of Eli’s national headliners for the Dream Summit is renowned scholar Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

The Dream Summit is focused on macro community economic development; therefore, micro personal finances dovetails quite nicely with this theme. Succinctly put, an attendee can learn all about Credit in the Financial Literacy track and learn how to invest in his/her community through real estate investing in the Community Economic Development track during this “crossover event”. Additionally, I am adding a General Session on Financial Recovery in a Post-COVID 19 Pandemic.

The original promo booklet and registration site will be revised for Saturday, August 15th from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at The OnCenter.

So far, 2020 Financial Empowerment Sponsors support this pivot.

Here are both websites, as our respective branding will remain distinct:

Thank you for your continued support of this endeavor, which will now have an even broader audience reach of up to 1,000 people for the collective benefit of our community. We WILL get through this TOGETHER.

Thoughtfully yours,

Me'Shae Rolling

Executive Producer

2020 FES Conference Agenda


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